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I Am Back At My Desk But….!

Well three days in bed managed to get rid of the dreaded lurgy but now I am behind with work!!!! 

Last week here was half term so Youngest was off for the week and he spent the three days I wasn’t well looking after me (he is wonderful) as his Daddy was away all week at a business exhibition on the south coast!  I managed to get up and take Youngest to the train station on the Wednesday evening for him to go, alone, on the train to London, where DH met him at the station at the other end for them to attend the last day of the exhibition on the Thursday! 

Thursday saw me helping my friend still organise her office since she moved from home to her new “proper” office.  It was a good day although long and we did get a lot done.

Friday again was a bit of a non-day and we didn’t get much done, still recovering from colds and Youngest from a long day and a late night on Thursday.  At the weekend I managed to catch up on all the washing and ironing I hadn’t done and house jobs, so at least that is organised.

Today was the start of the next term and I have almost caught up on my work.  Tomorrow I am helping our friend again and then Wednesday I should be back to normal!!!!!!

Treacle looks like a real scruffy mutt at the moment as she missed her brush at the weekend and I am putting off having her clipped as it is still cold and today was very wet!

Needless to say I did not get any quilting done 😦

I hope everyone is keeping well and having a marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Susie x


Yep I made it to Friday! Two days of sickness with Youngest (but from what I have heard that was good as everyone else has seemed to take weeks to get over it) although there were only three of them in their Form yesterday, the rest were off sick (although it may have been excuse as a lot of them go skiing at this school break!!!!!!)

We have had one scared Airedale (!)

One Lovely Lunch!

Three Days of Work!

One Day of House Jobs!

One weekend of lots of things on, to come!

But at least it is Friday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

Ladies Who……

This morning after doing the school run, I raced back to get my work finished and put the grocery shopping away as, at lunch, I became a “lady who lunched”!!!!!!!

A very good friend of ours had invited me and five other friends round for lunch as she is off work this week on a weeks leave and thought it would be a great idea to get us together over lunch at her home. 


We all arrived for 12.30pm and had drinks (soft for me as I was driving) and then had lunch at 1.00pm.  We sat around the dining table catching up on everyone’s news and what all of the children are doing and we were then until Youngest had walked round from school at 4.15pm when I left.  It was a lovely way to spend a Thursday Winter’s afternoon!  Much better than my usual Thursday afternoons!

Treacle, I think, has spent the afternoon curled up on my bed, no doubt snoring.  She did not seem bothered that I had been out!!!!!!

Back to Earth tomorrow and house jobs day :_(

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!


Now I know that I look like a very big, brave Airedale in this picture and generally I am until I hear an owl hooting and then I run and hide usually with Mom! 


This morning Daddy left early as usually but before he left he let me out into my garden for a quick look round and then I had my breakfast.  He left and I went upstairs to find Mom and snuggle with her until she got up.  Well their bedroom window was open and this thing was nearby hooting!  I was so scared!!!!!!!! 

The Barn Owl scares me even more as it screeches at me and I really, really don’t like that.  Mom says that I three times the size of them and I really shouldn’t be scared but I am.  

DSC04168 At least I can tackle Youngest and over power him even if I am scared of those little owls!!!!!

Tomorrow Mom is going out to lunch with some friends so I am going to have the house to myself, I think I am going to build a den somewhere so I can hide from the owls!

Scaredy Woof, Treacle

Sick Tuesday!

I have been ministering to the sick again today.  Youngest still had a temperature but seems better today than yesterday so hopefully he will be back at school soon.  Treacle is thoroughly confused, it is either a very long weekend or its Groundhog Day!!!!!  Well that was yesterday, or is it today or possibly tomorrow?!!!!

I have been getting bits of work done in between looking after poorly sick person and other house jobs done too, so at least I am not behind.  Haven’t got any quilting done though.

One thing when you are poorly is watching a bit more TV, something which is always helpful when you are not feeling well and can’t concentrate on reading.  I am a fan of “Dance Moms” and occasionally Youngest will watch it with me.  I attended ballet lessons from the age of four to the age of sixteen and loved it so really enjoy watching the dances, although I cannot stand Abbey Lee Miller. 

My Dance Mistress was just like her and in fact probably worse. If your leg was not high enough on point, she would yank your leg up with the hook end of this shephard’s crook she used to carry and mark time with!!!!!!! She also had a little Papillon dog, called Mr Pepys, and if you got too close to him in class he would bite your ankles!!!!!

I really like Holly Frazier and her daughter Nia.  Holly seems to be on my level with her clear and generally calm observations and her approach to everything.  I hope Nia goes from strength to strength with her dancing.

Oh well must dash and see how the poorly one is.  Hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x