The Wednesday Wag!

The Wednesday Wag Yoga Day!

Mom says that with all the bad weather I need to keep up my exercise, so today on The Wednesday Wag is AiredaleYoga!

DSC04377  This picture shows you how to stretch your neck and back.

DSC04171This is the Curl Down from the previous position, are you keeping up?

DSC04147Need to do a little weight lifting to keep those neck muscles strong, five repetitions at least.

DSC03887Don’t forget to raise your legs and have a tennis ball handy to help out.

DSC03729You must take a break between exercises, leaning on a wall is a good idea.

DSC03575Don’t forget to stretch the body in all areas.

DSC03527A selection of things to help with the workout

cropped-dsc00624.jpgOf course getting friends to help you is always a good choice!

DSC04112After all that AiredaleYoga you can settle down for a nice snooze.

Hope this has helped you with some tips to keep fit in all this cold weather.

Woofy AiredaleYoga Woofs, Treacle


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