Pictures I love!

I have a real love of History and seeing old photographs of areas which no longer exist or have been taken over by modern living.  I found this in the paper today and I just love this picture of 1946 New York.

Towering: This photograph, taken at the intersection of Madison Street and Pike Street, shows the view south towards the Manhattan Bridge

A photograph by the late Todd Webb which has been re-released, it was taken in 1946.  This shows the intersection of Madison Street and Pike Street, south towards the Manhattan Bridge.

Of course I love animals and always read articles about them (so much better than the depressing news from around the World!).  This was in yesterday’s paper

Rolling around: This red panda at the Cincinnati zoo and Botanical Garden is soaking in the record breaking cold weather and all that it has to offer 

Red Pandas at Cincinnati zoo and Botanical Gardens enjoying the cold and snow! Doesn’t he/she look so cute?

25D6281900000578-2962851-image-a-5_1424530329840I saw this at the weekend. As you know I drive a Jeep and just loved how the ice had stayed after the owner had left.  I am amazed that it didn’t break when they drove away!

Bear hug: The heart warming panda cuddles in the arms of his breeder at the sanctuary

This was taken at The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary, China.  They were getting the pandas in for the night and this one did not to go in, so his carer had to get him down out of the tree and the panda did not want to wake up, so he got carried in!

And for all those still under piles of snow and cold weather, here is a Spring picture.

Hugs, Susie & Treacle x


5 thoughts on “Pictures I love!

  1. Mitch and Molly

    What great pictures – all of them! The one of spring is so pretty and we are so anxious for pretty flowers but our favorite picture is the one of you, Treacle ♥

  2. farmquilter

    Great pictures!! Looking forward to spring – guess I’ll have to go north for that since here in Texas we are expecting 3″ of snow tonight!! Had to take the little grand to the hospital today – she slipped on the ice and cut her chin open – luckily the doctor was able to glue it closed so there were no stitches. I want warm and sunshine!!! Stay warm!!!

  3. Vickie

    I love to see the cities and towns the way they once were too. I remember my Dad telling me his parents wouldn’t let him go to the movies to see Flash Gordon, that walking on the moon was far fetched and they didn’t want him filling his mind with such nonsense, (this was in the late 30’s and a nickel for the picture show was hard to come by) Just like back then, we now, can’t imagine how our world will change in the future. So those photos of way back when are priceless.

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