That Was The Week That Was!

After Monday of this week, the rest of the week seemed to descend into chaos!  Monday evening we had a swimming committee meeting which was endless (!!!!!), Tuesday I was helping our friend with her work, so by Wednesday I was behind with mine! 

I had loads of emails to deal with, which all seemed to need more than just a quick reply, and our Accountant needed some information immediately!  Treacle was not inclined to do her Wednesday Wag either, she is hibernating!!!!!

Thursday was another catch up day and then DH and I had to go visit our solicitors as we have found out that the middle of our garden is not registered land!!!! A mistake which was made when we bought our property thirteen years ago!!!!!

Today has been house jobs and grocery shopping for the weekend!  But Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!! This picture reminds me that I am still trying to finish Youngest’s quilt!  Which I really want to get done this weekend because I am getting behind with my quilting projects now!!!!!!

Tomorrow Youngest is swimming in the Derbyshire Championships in the evening and DH is commentating at one of the local celebrations of Chinese New Year.

Youngest is then back at the pool on Sunday morning swimming again in the fourth day of the Championships!  Hopefully this will give me some time to get my quilting done. 


This picture, which is off a design website, reminds me of Spring!  Anyhoo Eldest and Girlfriend are coming for family dinner tonight and I can’t wait to see them all and have a great evening.  I am making Lasagna and salad with fries!  For desert I am making pancakes as we missed out on Shrove Tuesday, because we were all out!

I hope everyone’s week has been a little less chaotic than mine, I am hoping that peace will descend over the weekend!!!!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was!

  1. farmquilter

    Listening to your week makes me feel like a sloth!! Mercy, woman, how do you do all that you do??? Now, I need to know what salad and fries are!! To me, salad would be lettuce with all the fixings and fries are French fried potatoes (chips to you). At least I know they are not mushy peas!!!

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