I Am Back At My Desk But….!

Well three days in bed managed to get rid of the dreaded lurgy but now I am behind with work!!!! 

Last week here was half term so Youngest was off for the week and he spent the three days I wasn’t well looking after me (he is wonderful) as his Daddy was away all week at a business exhibition on the south coast!  I managed to get up and take Youngest to the train station on the Wednesday evening for him to go, alone, on the train to London, where DH met him at the station at the other end for them to attend the last day of the exhibition on the Thursday! 

Thursday saw me helping my friend still organise her office since she moved from home to her new “proper” office.  It was a good day although long and we did get a lot done.

Friday again was a bit of a non-day and we didn’t get much done, still recovering from colds and Youngest from a long day and a late night on Thursday.  At the weekend I managed to catch up on all the washing and ironing I hadn’t done and house jobs, so at least that is organised.

Today was the start of the next term and I have almost caught up on my work.  Tomorrow I am helping our friend again and then Wednesday I should be back to normal!!!!!!

Treacle looks like a real scruffy mutt at the moment as she missed her brush at the weekend and I am putting off having her clipped as it is still cold and today was very wet!

Needless to say I did not get any quilting done 🙁

I hope everyone is keeping well and having a marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “I Am Back At My Desk But….!

  1. farmquilter

    I am so sorry you were laid so low. I was wondering where you were…kept hunting through my inbox when the girls would give a moment’s peace! I still have the awful cough – my diaphragm is so sore from coughing that it hurts to breathe! Now, imagine your three days in bed spent caring for a 7 year old and a 20 month old who were also sick!! Guess that’s why I am still fighting it!!! It is so nice to have your son there to take care of you when hubby had to be gone. How fun for him to take the train to spend the day with his dad! I love riding the trains in England – the are so nice and clean and the countryside you go through is so lovely. Keep Treacle’s coat long so she doesn’t freeze…being warm is more important then looking good!!! Stay warm and get back to quilting!

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