The Wednesday Wag.

DSC04377“JOE FOX : Brinkley is my dog. He loves the streets of New York as much as I do — although he likes to eat bits of pizza and bagel off the sidewalk, and I prefer to buy them. Brinkley is a great catcher and was offered a tryout on the Mets farm team — but he chose to stay with me so that he could spend 18 hours a day sleeping on a large green pillow the size of an inner tube!”

You know that “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my favourite films and I just love the above quote as it fits Treacle to a tea!  Although she would have been offered the job of Ball Girl at Wimbledon!!  This has been her most favourite position over the last few days as it is very cold here again.  Going out is not top of her list of things to do at the moment!  She has even abandoned The Wednesday Wag!  Good job I have been working today and have filled in for her.  She will hopefully be back next week!  Hugs, Susie (Mom)



2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, I wish my two charges were as laid back! It was 81 here today, so they were outside most of the day…and I had to go out and repair the fence again! I would just die if they got out and ran away! I’ll have to send you a picture of them!

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