The First of the Blocks Done!

DSC04372I have completed the first twenty five blocks for Youngest’s quilt and they have turned out well.  I think I am going to make these into rows first and then make the next twenty five.

DSC04373Love the red and black together

DSC04374Love this camper van he has a lovely happy face

DSC04375 DSC04376Can’t wait to put this together.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow although I am on swimming duty tomorrow night between 8.00pm and 9.00pm which really cuts into the evening!

No snow here yet but Treacle is behaving like it is and has not moved from her basket all day.  We have re-christened her “Snuggle Treacle”!!!!!!

Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

Catch and kill: The baby bears are transfixed by their mother's hands-on approach to finding their lunch at Kuril Lake in Russia

Saw this in the paper, the baby bears are transfixed watching Mom fish!!  I just love their expressions, I think they are saying

“You mean we have to get in the cold water to catch dinner?”

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