Swimming & Visiting & Sleeping!

Saturday saw us at The Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock for our 42nd Swimming Open where we had a hundred odd swimmers and over 1400 swims during the day!!!!!  DH was the MC for the day, I was in Event Control helping with the timing/speeding tickets and disqualifications!!!!!  Youngest was swimming.  We got there at 6.30am whilst it was still dark and very cold and set up.  Although it seemed a long day it rushed by and we had some great swims and a great atmosphere.  Youngest bettered four of his times and won two medals so really proud!  This was his first event as Club Captain too.

We got home at 7.30pm and I had cooked dinner in the slow cooker so it was ready when we got home.  Friday night DH had spent the evening setting up all the sound equipment for the Saturday, so by Sunday he and I were shattered.  Youngest was tired with all his swimming.

90th Birthday CelebrationsUncle John, whose 92 now, is in hospital with a bad chest and at 92 they take these things seriously.  Unfortunately one of his daughters is away in Australia visiting family and his other daughter lives near London so DH went to visit him on Sunday morning.  He is doing surprisingly well.  Then he had to to into Nottingham to sort some other things out.

I, needless to say did not get any quilting done over the weekend at all and yesterday I was going to start and I was so tired that I knew that if I did start anything I would probably make a mistake, so yesterday became a rest day!!!!!

Today has been busy with work and I have yet another basket of ironing to do (I think they breed over night!!!!) so I am hoping tomorrow to do some quilting.  We have to visit the Bank Manager tomorrow also for our annual review for the business, yuck!!!!

It is really cold here today, well cold for us!!! and in some areas it may go down to -15°C, it is forecast for -3°C here but Treacle has not moved out of her basket all day. 

DSC04364This is how she fell asleep with her toy!

She is definitely in her snuggly warm phase at the moment!!!!!

I hope you are having a warm snuggly Monday!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Busy weekend – no wonder you were shattered!!! It is a holiday over here so both grands are home…no holiday for me!! I won’t tell you that it has warmed up to around 70 F here and the sun is shining!!

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