The Wednesday Wag

DSC04351The weather is horrible here at the moment so I am making the most of my new bed!  I really do love it.

DSC04353I didn’t even mind Mom taking my picture when I am in my basket.

I have my old baby basket in Youngest’s room where I sleep at night and it used to have an old single quilt in but Mom decided to put my other new bed in that, but as the basket is smaller than my day basket it didn’t quite fit and then with me in it, it just didn’t work, so Mom has now put my new bed on the floor, which I love, and taken my old baby basket away!  I had chewed it so it was quite broken!

DSC04354This basket I inherited from my Sis, Kelly, who passed and this is the basket which is behind Mom’s desk, so when she is working I can be snoozing!!!!

I haven’t been doing much else with the weather being so bad, still it gives me more time to sleep!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag

  1. farmquilter

    How lovely to have a comfy bed to sleep in! You get to be with mom during the day and Youngest at night. You are one very lucky dog, Treacle!!!

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