A Quilty Weekend!

The weather this weekend was stormy, lots of rain combined with high winds.  Fortunately we didn’t experience any damage in the garden or to our home but Scotland and the North of England did.  However it was the best excuse to stay in and quilt!

A job I was going to do over the Christmas break, but didn’t get around to, was sorting out my stash.  It was stored in a deep draw in the chest of draws in our bedroom and it was jammed!!!!!  DH managed to source some of the great clip boxes but our local store didn’t have them, but it didn’t stop him driving over to Nottingham to their big store where they had lots.  Now I have sorted my stash out it doesn’t seem so big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Perhaps I need a trip to the Quilt store!!!!!

DSC04357 DSC04358This was a project I began last Easter (!) but hadn’t managed to get around to finishing them.  They are scraps left over from Baby Evalyn’s quilt and I was making them into baby blocks.  I have made the blocks then quilted them and then sewing them together.  However when I  came to sew the strips into the blocks, my machine was not happy in fact I broke three needles having a go so I have now decided to hand sew them, which I think will be easier when I get to do the final one and turn them right side out!

Whilst I was sorting my stash I have picked out some other fabrics for a few secret projects I am going to do.  Will show you more later.  Love this bit of the planning and sorting stage, just need a few hours to get the cutting done.

Today has been busy with work, as most Mondays are and there is a swimming meeting tonight, oh joy!

Hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “A Quilty Weekend!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh I wish my stash fit in a chest of drawers!!! I have 2 shelving units that have 4 shelves each and they stand 6″ high – stuffed! There there are the totes hiding in the closet…6-8 of the BIG ones. Oh, and the “bolts” are in the guest bedroom…30ish of them. Crumb, I need to piece more!!!!! Funny, the quilting part is the part I like the best!!!

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