New Year Aims

2015 AIMS

DSC03518Having read lots of the Blogs I read every day, everyone has the same view of Resolutions, we make them then break them quite quickly.  So following the trend I am not making resolutions but Aims.

Last year one thing I tried to do is do some quilting every week and I mostly did that until we got to summer when house and garden jobs took over or activities with the Boys.  SO this year I am going to Aim to do some quilting every week and keep this up during the whole year.

Another Aim is to be healthier, again if I say I am going to loose weight then I just resent it and don’t do anything so again, just be healthier.

My final Aim is to carry on with my three happy things in a day and write them down.   I don’t want to have too many Aims either or I will get bogged down.

DSC03960So this weekend I will be busy quilting!  I have one or two new projects to look at and see how my stash is going to get them done, I have Eldest’s quilt to sandwich and pin so I can start quilting that and I have a few more projects to plan out!  Hopefully I will have some pictures to show you.  The weather here is forecast to be cold, very windy and grey!  Just the sort of weather to stay in and quilt.

I hope everyone has a lovely safe weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

img_2012.jpgTreacle enjoying the snow we had just after Christmas!







2 thoughts on “New Year Aims

  1. farmquilter

    Good job on making the aims realistic and within the realm of possibility!! So many folks set such high, lofty goals or a zillion of them, and you just know they are going to fall far short. Even 15 minutes of quilting/sewing a day counts and really can add up, so I know you can do that. Get healthier…what are you planning on doing daily to contribute to that? An extra trip up the stair or a few hours a day at the gym? Skip the chips and go for the steamed vegetables? So many options there…and they do affect your whole life! Three happy things a day…easy with your wonderful husband, boys and, of course, Treacle!!!!

  2. Mitch and Molly

    Aims sound much better than resolutions. Our mom can’t seem to stick to resolutions either. We didn’t get a lot of snow, Treacle, but it’s enough to bounce around in and eat for the next couple of days! Come on over and join us!

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