Christmas Trip

Usually between Christmas and New Year we have tried to take the Boys somewhere interesting and sometimes something to help with their school work.  We took Eldest here, The Imperial War Museum London, when he had started his GCSE work and now Youngest has begun his, he wanted to go back.

We went down on the Tuesday after Christmas and it was very busy with tourists but not so much that we didn’t get to see everything.  It has just re-opened after a re-fit so we could see the difference between our two visits.

DSC04337The Entrance Hall

DSC04338A vehicle used by the media in conflict areas

DSC04339Another vehicle on an upper floor

DSC04343The same vehicle

Youngest and DH think that the following vehicle would be good for me, especially on a road out of our village which is extremely narrow and some people race along like it is part of an F1 course!  The rest of us, including me, slow down to a crawl or stop when cars are passing but a lot don’t!

DSC04340 DSC04342 DSC04341Yes I would be happy with this on the school run!!!!!!!!!

DSC04335 DSC04336To get to the museum we went over Westminster Bridge next to Big Ben and we could see the London Eye (you can see how busy the bridge is)  They were getting ready for the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

The building which houses the Imperial War Museum used to be the Bethlem Royal Hospital or Bedlam as it was better known and opened in 1815

This picture was taken in 1896

In 1930 the hospital moved again and the building was given to London County Council where the park was developed for the locals and the building was opened to house the Imperial War Museum in 1936.  Bethlem Royal Hospital is still in existence today and is now purely a psychiatric hospital.

Tomorrow is a House Job day and grocery shopping and at the weekend, I am pleased to say we do not have anything planned, so I am going to try and get some quilting done!

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Looks like a lovely trip, but I missed the War Museum when I was in London. Did recognize many of the other pictures…would have loved to have been on the Eye to watch the fireworks!!!

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