The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04303Well all the decorations have been put away for another year and Mom cleaned up a storm afterwards so all is back to normal.  I had a lovely Christmas but on the Saturday after Christmas and before New Year I was in a lot of trouble!!!!!!!!

Mom is always busy beforehand making lots of lovely things for Christmas, some things I am allowed to try and some I am not.  She makes mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas puddings, sausage rolls, cookies and a lovely Christmas Log.

DSC04296This is one of the Boys favourite things and it always looks real.  Mom always makes one of these because her Grandma always made one at Christmas time.  Anyhoo Mom, Dad and The Boys all went out for the day on the Saturday to the cinema and for something to eat and I was left at home of course.  When they got back they found this ……

DSC04333I am afraid that the temptation was too much and I had the lot, including the plastic robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mom was not pleased!  Especially as us doggies are not meant to have chocolate and there was 500g of chocolate on the cake as well as 250g of butter which is also not good for us doggies!

Fortunately as the chocolate had been “cooked” to spread onto the cake Mom thinks that it was not as bad as “raw” chocolate.  But I was sick and Mom found the plastic robin!  But I was sick in my bed so I now don’t have a nice comfy bed in my basket!  Mom said it serves me right!!!!!  She relented though and ordered me a new bed which is coming all the way from America and it will have my name on it when it arrives!!!! 

DSC04334This is my “I am really sorry Mom” face! 

Fortunately I was only sick once and eating the whole thing did not give me any other problems and I had a great time after that!!!!!

Youngest is now back at school so it is just Mom and I at home and she is busy catching up on work.  I am counting off the days until my new bed arrives, my basket is just not as comfy at the moment.

(Treacle you have no shame! Mom)

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas and Happy Woofy New Year.


PS  Next Christmas (!) the most eagerly anticipated film is being released!  No not Fast 7, Taken 3, Star Wars or Fifty Shades of Grey (whatever that is!) No the film of the year is the Peanuts Movie! I am definitely going to see this!  Go here,, to see the trailer and photos.

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