DSC04321A day late and a Dollar short as they say but we got snow on Boxing Day!  It would have been great for Christmas Day but at least we didn’t have to go out!  It started snowing at about 5.00pm and carried on for most of the evening and as you can see from the front of our home, it has settled well!

DSC04320Our vehicles were nicely covered!  At least it was the evening and not 4.00am in the morning when DH had to take Eldest and Girlfriend to the airport in Birmingham as they have gone to Marbella for five days!  Youngest went in the car to the airport (Treacle and I stayed in bed!!!!) and they were home again by 7.00am!

DSC04326 DSC04327The back garden blanketed in snow

Of course you all know who loves snow!  She was in her element but it was very cold as well, so Treacle did not stay out too long in it!

DSC04330Paddy paws in the snow!

DH, Youngest and I are going to venture out in it later as we are having a day out today.  Christmas was lovely and we had a great day on The Day.  More pictures to follow.  Hope everyone had a lovely, peaceful day.

Christmas Hugs, Susie x

4 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. farmquilter

    Your snow is beautiful!!! I got lucky and there was no snow on Christmas Day or Boxing Day! Drove almost 400 miles on Christmas Day and almost 800 on Boxing Day…did not want snow!!! When did Eldest get old enough to go off on holiday with Girlfriend?? Mercy, the time has flown!! Glad you, DH and Youngest got to spend some time together…where did you go??? Treacle needs to wear her coat and boots out in that snow…and maybe come in to a warming pad on her day bed!!

  2. RedSetter

    Lucky you, there isn’t a flake of snow here. Some iciness but no white fluffy stuff. If you are feeling kind you can send me a snowball or even better send my furry friend to deliver it.

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