Remember This?

A sea otter that was discovered all alone on a California beach when it was just 1 week old has been nursed back to health

Do you remember this cutie?  This is the little sea otter who was washed ashore in California and was being sent to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium as her permanent home.  Well she has arrived and now has a name, Luna, and she is learning to swim!

Luna takes to the water for the first time at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago

She started on her back to get used to the water

The young pup takes a break from the water after first taking a dip

This look I think means, “it is all so tiring”!  The Swimmers at our Club look like this often!

Luna was soon happily playing with toys in the pool

You can never have too many bath toys!

The inquisitive pup looks a lot healthier than when she was handed in weighing less than 3kg last month

What do you mean I have to get out now?

Luna sups yet more milk

Well if its for some milk of course I will get out!

Luna is dried off by a member of the Shedd Aquarium staff

Nothing better than having your own personal assistant to dry you off!

Luna starts off just in a small section on her back surrounded by mats for her to get out, but she is soon swimming confidently and playing with the toys.  Then it moves on and she is bigger and in a large pool.

The pictures are all from the Daily Mail UK and here is the link for the full article and a video, which is cuteness overload!

I have been shopping in Ashbourne today to get some fancy bits for Christmas and then called at another shop to get a few more bits. I managed to get a bunch of fresh holly which looks great above the fireplace and on my dresser.

I then got back and wrapped the last of the presents.  I have managed to get two lots of presents off to their recipients and had a cup of tea yesterday afternoon with the Boys Godmother and a quick catch up.  Daughter, SIL and Baby Evalyn are coming for a quick visit on Saturday morning and then the Boys and DH are having their hair cut in the afternoon, then we are going over to Nottingham for the Boys to do some last minute shopping and to see the lights and have dinner.   Sunday we are hoping to visit the family and get the rest of the presents delivered. 

I have managed to hurt my calf and I think I have pulled a muscle and oh boy does it hurt!  Going to bed in a minute to rest it and hopefully it will be better soon.

Happy Tuesday!

Hugs, Susie x

8 Days To Go!

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  1. farmquilter

    Luna is adorable!!! You are doing well on getting ready for Christmas – I even sent off my first package (only one I have to mail) yesterday! I have to put the binding on a quilt and send off 4 quilts to some friends, not necessarily Christmas gifts, just love gifts! I really hate making bias binding but that’s what I’m doing because I’m using homespun and it just doesn’t feel as strong as regular cotton. Did I mention I really don’t like binding quilts at all?? I sure hope your calf stops hurting you soon – that is just miserable! When I was sewing all day, every day, I pulled the muscles on my shin…had to learn to peddle with my left foot! Ice for 20 minutes every hour for the first 24 hours, then alternate heat and ice for a few days, then just heat. Doctor’s orders from across the pond!!!

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