Christmas Throwback Thursday


I love this time of year, as you might have gathered from my other posts(!), especially when the mail arrives.  Instead of all the nasty old bills, there are Christmas cards to open!  In fact I insist that I open the cards when they come through the door, much to the Boys annoyance.  This is because I have to open all the horrible old bills all year so I get the nice job of opening the Christmas cards.

However, there is always that one card you open and realise that you haven’t sent them one!  Now do you write one quickly and send it off or do you ignore it this year and put them on the list for next year?  That is the question!  I am hoping that I do not have any cards this year that I have not sent one to!!!!!!!!

IMG_0613I was looking through my pictures the other day and found this one and so this is a Christmas Throwback Thursday.  We took the Boys to Lapland to see Santa Claus and we had the best day ever.  Eldest was eleven and Youngest was seven and you can see that Santa Claus is holding the letters which the Boys had sent.  They were thrilled and for Eldest it kept the magic going for a few more years and Youngest was just beside himself.

We did lots of things on that day as well as the sleigh ride to see Santa Claus.  The Boys got to ride ski-dos, they went sledging, we all went on a sled ride with eight huskies and we had lunch in a typical Lapland cabin home.  If you are ever able to do this, it is worth every penny.

Hugs, Susie x

IMG_0605The Reindeer and Sleigh which took us to see Santa Claus

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  1. farmquilter

    A sleigh ride, a dog sled ride and Santa…all in Lapland – oh what wonderful memories!!!

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