The Wednesday Wag – Christmas Spa Day!

DSC04194I have been and had my Christmas Spa Day today, for most of the day I might add!  My Beauty Therapist decided not to cut me too short as it is going to be cold at the end of the week but Mom says I smell much better now!  I don’t know what she means!!!!

DSC04195Horror of Horrors though my bedding, my special mat, Teddy and my collar are all having a spa day too.  I don’t have a bed, nooooooooooo!!!!!!

DSC04196Mom please hurry up and get my bed and things dry!  I will Treacle but they have to dry!

I am so exhausted from today I think I will go and get on one of the Boys beds!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday, Treacle.

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag – Christmas Spa Day!

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle looks fabulous and I’m sure her clean bedding, toys and collar will keep her smelling pretty longer!! Tara hates it when I wash her blankets…she burrows under them to make a warm nest, but she loves them right out the dryer when they are toasty warm!!

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