The Wednesday Wag On Thursday!

DSC04168 DSC04169 DSC04170 DSC04171I had so much fun with Youngest on his Birthday that yesterday I was just too tired to do anything, including The Wag!!!!! 

However because it was Youngest’s Birthday, Girlfriend came round and brought these with her

DSC04172They look yummy and

DSC04173They taste yummy too!!!!!!

DSC04174 DSC04175(Clear those crumbs up Treacle!)

I will Mom don’t worry about that!!!!!


22 Days To Go!

Yes just 22 days left before the big day and things are going well in our home.  Cards all written – tick!  Presents all wrapped – tick! Cakes & puddings made – tick! House ready for the decorations – tick! Food shopping organised and deliveries booked – tick!

This weekend I have the mince pies and cookies to make now that my ovens have been degreased and are all sparkly clean and new again!!!!!  Need to feed the cakes again before putting the marzipan and icing on. I have ordered some nice red cake boards to put them on.

We have to arrange to get deliveries made and visits to family.  Visiting family and friends and catching up and spending how ever brief a visit with them at this time of year that is what I love best about Christmas.  We usually manage to spend an evening In Nottingham looking at the lights and all the pretty displays and having dinner out as a family. 

We still have the Presentation Evening for the swimming club coming up and our friends from Jersey are coming home for the Holidays and we have arranged to go out for dinner with them whilst they are here. 


I Love Christmas!!!!

I hope all your Christmas plans are coming together.  Hugs, Susie x

Mom, time for you to get on now with your House jobs!!! I need to do my Christmas shopping on line now!!!!!   (Don’t spend too much Treacle!!!!)

Woof, Treacle

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag On Thursday!

  1. farmquilter

    Were those doggy or people cupcakes?? They look much too nice to be doggy treats!! Girlfriend is a keeper…one for mum, one for dad, one for Eldest, one for the birthday boy, one for her and one for ……..ME!!! Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Lara B.

    Treacle, tell your mom that she is the most organized person I have ever even heard of! Also, that the new blog header and gently falling snowflakes are so lovely!

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