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I Love Winter!

dsc00660.jpgYesterday in the Daily Telegraph there was an article entitled “Yes, You Can Always Be Happy”.  I always read these type of articles and then cherry pick any advice or help that they can give (or dismiss the whole thing!!!!) but the idea behind this is to keep a journal and at the end of each day write down three positive things that have happend that day.  Once done reflect (this is the most important part) on why they made you happy.  Well I thought this was a good idea as I have, in the past, dwelt on things which are not good or have not been good in the past.

In an old post I mentioned that I when I was young I always, for Christmas, had a new diary and journal and I started off in the New Year with all good intentions of writing every day and by the middle of February I had fallen by the wayside.  Now though with my blog I do find that I write something each day (mostly!!!!!)  and so this is the modern way of keeping a journal.  It is great fun to go back and read old posts and see what we have all been up to.  So today I am going to write down my three positive things about today which made me happy.

1) Playing Christmas music in my Jeep!  Yes I have already put in my Christmas’ CD’s and I am loving the Christmas music!

2) It is a sunny Winter’s day today and that made me happy.  I love Winter I really do and it would be nice to know that we would have some snow this year (although they are forecasting lots of rain for Britain again this Winter 😦 ) I love that it gets dark early and you can close the curtains and put the lights on and feel all cosy inside. 

3) I am organised today, in my work and home and in my mind!  I like to be tidy and my Boys accuse me of being Monica from Friends, who was renowned for being extremely tidy and obsessive about cleaning, well they are right.  I hate it when things are in a mess, I have to be tidy.  I have just cleaned the fridge and freezer out and my next job is to clean the cooker, top and bottom ovens!!! But I am getting things done and ticked off one of my endless lists!!!!

So those are my happy thoughts today and they do make me happy.  Of course DH, The Boys and Treacle always make me happy.  As do the wonderful people who take time to comment on my posts.  There are a few ladies, who comment regularly, who I am getting to know through email and their comments and emails really do lift my heart.  You know who you are and I am sending big hugs to you all!

36 Days Left Until Christmas!

Yes only 36 days left and then it will be only a month to go!!!!  On Friday I will be getting the last of the Christmas Presents and then I need to get my wrapping done!!!! Oh my!  Also the Christmas cards are ready for writing too.

Another Kitchen picture – Love the decor

At the weekend we are only doing the normal things, nothing extra, so I am hoping to get lots done!

Hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

We’re Back!

DSC04109We actually got back last Thursday but then Friday was manic as I was trying to catch up with all my jobs, work and also get ready for the Small Pool Party for our swimming club.  65 children were attending between  7.00pm and 9.00pm for a magic show, food, disco and party bags!  They all had a great evening, we were all exhausted!!!!  They didn’t eat all the food and it was too good to waste so we took it down to our local fire station for the night shift and it was gratefully received.

DSC04107The above picture is Leith dock near Edinburgh where we had dinner on our first night away.  This is where the former Royal Yacht, Britannia, is moored. DH and I took the boys around it when it was first there and the area looks nothing like it did then with a massive re-generation taking place in the past few years.

DH had a meetings on the Wednesday morning so I had time to walk round Edinburgh and do some more Christmas shopping.  We then travelled over to Glasgow for another couple of meetings and spent the evening in Glasgow for dinner which was our wedding anniversary.

DSC04110Again we stayed by the River, this time The Clyde, famous for many years of shipbuilding.  Outside the hotel they have left one of the massive cranes which was once used for the shipbuilding.  A great piece of history.

DSC04111We left Glasgow after the meeting at lunch and headed home in lots of rain and high winds!  The Boys and Girlfriend had been fine although Treacle seemed extremely pleased to see us (!) but everything seemed okay!!!!  Over the weekend Youngest was at a swim meet for the two days but Saturday, although I had promised myself I would get lots done, I did nothing!!!!  I was so tired and the weather was not good so Treacle and I snuggled and watched films and drank lots of tea!!!!!

Sunday I got house jobs done and some work and got things ready for today.  Today I got work jobs done and have taken Youngest to school and piano lessons and I have a huge basket of ironing from last week to do.  The weather is getting dank and foggy and cold and miserable at the moment and even Treacle seems depressed!!!!!  Next weekend we are not doing anything extra so we can get things straight. 

I am busy now planning things for Christmas week and trying to get organised.  Hope everyone’s Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

Is It Thursday?

I woke up this morning thinking it was the weekend!  Because we had a lovely evening last night and we usually do these things on a Friday or Saturday night, I was convinced it was the weekend!!!!!!

Bonfire Night went off well and Treacle spent the night barking at them and then rushing up to us as if to say “I have scared them off for you Mom”  She was fine.  Our own fireworks were not too noisy, although one did have a “scream” added to it which definitely cleared out your ears!!!!!!  It was also very cold and some neighbours had a bonfire so it took me back to when I was a little girl as we always had a bonfire and fireworks at my Grandparents house (they had a bigger garden)  Grandad always saved up the leaves to burn on Bonfire Night and it had the most wonderful smell!  Funny how smells take you back to your childhood!

Workers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium spent four weeks getting the pup healthy again

Just had to share this with you from today’s newspaper!  Isn’t she cute?  She is a five week old sea otter who washed up on a California beach and had been abandoned by her Mom!  She is busy recovering at the Monterey Bay Aquarium before she will be re-homed to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  She doesn’t have a name yet but I just loved her, she is so cute. 

A sea otter that was discovered all alone on a California beach when it was just 1 week old has been nursed back to health

Today has been another one of those days when I had planned to do lots of things and ended up doing none of them, but worked instead and I still have lots to do.  Including tidying my desk which looks like a bomb has hit it!!!  Hate a messy desk!

Tomorrow is Christmas shopping and so I will have to spend tomorrow evening sorting out all my other jobs on the list!!!!

Today is the Boys Godmother’s birthday so I also spent a couple of hours with her catching up which was great. 

What’s that, quilting?  Hmm will definitely try and get some of that done over the weekend.  DH has to be away Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week on business (Wednesday is our wedding anniversary) so he has suggested that I go with him and Eldest looks after Youngest and Treacle(!)  The only saving grace is Girlfriend will be here too (the only sensible one out of the three of them!!!!!)  It will be a lovely mini break and I can’t wait.  I will be sure to take pictures.

I hope your Thursdays are going well. 

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!


Mom has been on another cleaning spree and Teddy, my most favourite toy, was flung into the washing machine!  However he does smell a lot better now!  I am even allowed to take him into the Boys rooms now, he was banned before!!!

DSC04102No Mom you are not having him again!

DSC04105I do love to cuddle Teddy

DSC04106See I am not letting him go Mom!

There are lots of things going off in the house at the moment and I think it is getting near to Christmas as that word keeps being mentioned!  I have decided to do my Christmas list for Mom

New Tennis Balls, New Santa Hat, Bag of Treats!

(Okay Treacle I will write your wish list down for Friday!)

I have also found a new Twitter Account and am now considering getting an account for myself.  Snoopy Twitters!!!!  Go check it out.  Mom loves it, Snoopy always makes her smile, just like me!

Yes Treacle you and Snoopy love you both!

Have a Woofy Wednesday, Treacle.

Tuesday & November Already!

Well the weeks are flying by and it will soon be Christmas!  We had the swimming AGM last night, which has been dominating the last few weeks (!) and we mostly escaped without too much bloodshed!  DH and I got re-elected which wasn’t our intention except for at the 11th hour there was an attempted coup which would have created havoc, so I think it was a bit of the “better the devil you know”!!!!  However I also think that the majority of the people there thought they were being “led” and therefore went in the opposite direction.  However we have a plan to try and sort things out to everyone’s satisfaction and hopefully get that implemented as soon as possible. 

Needless to say nothing got done besides this over the weekend, except I did get out all the winter clothes from the attic and packed away all the summer clothes.  It has turned quite cold here now after a very warm Halloween (which just didn’t seem right!).  We had lots of Trick or Treaters especially as it was the end of the weeks holiday and a Friday.  Some friends who we haven’t seen for a while also popped round for drinks and canapes, so it was a really nice and relaxed evening.

IMG_0289Tomorrow night is Bonfire Night here in the UK “Remember, Remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason & Plot”.  We are having a few fireworks and then dinner with my lot and Girlfriend and her family.  

At the weekend is the first of the swimming galas and both Boys are swimming so that should be fun and hopefully Sunday I will get some quilting done.  The baby quilt still needs completing but the baby is not due until the middle of this month, so I am still in time!!!!


This is what I will be doing on Friday!  I have a list, and I have checked it twice (but they are all nice, not naughty 🙂

I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday and getting ready for Christmas!

Hugs, Susie x