Christmas Shopping in Full Swing!

I went to Nottingham yesterday to finish my Christmas shopping and the rest of Nottingham had the same idea!!!  It was heaving with bodies.  The Christmas lights were up and the decorations are all out and it looked very festive.  It was one of those days where it didn’t get light early so the lights stood out and then the weather cleared and it was a very cold, frosty, sunny day! I also got the last of my Christmas presents and three Birthday presents!!!  (it is really annoying all these people who have Birthdays near Christmas!!!)

DSC04134This was our garden this morning with the frost on it.

DSC04135Looking out at the front of our house across the valley, freezing fog!

DSC04137I also had another surprise in the post this morning, our first Christmas card! It is from DH’s cousin who we think may be spending Christmas in Australia where their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren live, hence the card arriving early!

We had lunch with our good friends today, one of the Birthdays, and it was really nice break to the day.  I have another basket of ironing to do tonight and then catch up tomorrow of business work.  Friday evening I am going to get all the presents wrapped and at the weekend more baking, this time mince pies and Christmas cookies. Photos to follow.

Mercedes paid tribute to their driver with a mock-up of Hamilton in the shape of the company's logo

DH and I watched the final Grand Prix of the season and Lewis Hamilton did it!  World Champion for the second time.  Saw this picture in the paper and thought it was very clever.  We, through our business, supply Mercedes AMG but our parts are not on the race cars! 

At least today the weather made if feel Christmasy!  I hope everyone is having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x


3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping in Full Swing!

  1. Kathy h

    I am jealous that you have all your shopping done. We have some done but still have more to do.

  2. farmquilter

    Lucky, smart you!! I am going shopping with my daughter on Friday – the day after our Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday! We are leaving the house at 2 AM so we can be at the store she wants to get a huge TV at before their opening at 4 AM!!! Then across the state line to pick up some gifts I ordered and had shipped free to the store (they open at 5 AM, but are having a “camp out” party starting at 2 AM). I am going to be finished then…even if I’m not!!! I have a few more little things to make, but that’s it.

  3. Mitch and Molly

    How festive the red blooming tree is in your garden! It’s just gorgeous! I love mince pie but unfortunately, I’m the only one who does so they never get made here 🙁
    We can’t wait to see pie and cookie photos!

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