Sunday Cook In!


Yes I have carried on cooking after yesterday!  I have wrapped the two cakes up in grease proof paper and aluminium foil and into tins and this morning have “fed” them with French brandy.

DSC04129A few have asked about cooking the cakes with paper and brown paper round it.  This is done to protect the cake from cooking unevenly as it has a long cooking time of four hours at 140°.  Above are the two papers ready for putting into and around the tin.  This is for the round cake and the bottom is cut to make it easier for the paper to go into the tin.

DSC04125All done and ready for the oven.

DSC04130Here are the Christmas puddings in their bowls waiting for their “hats”!

DSC04131 DSC04132Hats done and ready for eight hours of steaming!

DSC04133Finally DH and I got the Christmas cards written last night and they are all ready for posting, Scout posting, or hand delivering!  One benefit of my sewing machine table for storage!!!!

DH and Youngest are off to the 50m training pool this afternoon for two hours of swimming, so I can my ironing done then and hopefully tonight get my baby quilt, quilted!!!! Yeah.

Christmasy Hugs, Susie x

DSC04118You can’t quite see in this picture but Treacle has a new Tennis Ball!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Cook In!

  1. farmquilter

    I can see that neon green of the tennis ball…hidden in Treacle’s mouth!! She thinks tucking her chin will make the ball disappear!! I have never baked anything except a turkey that took 4 hours!!! And 8 hours of steaming to make the puddings???!!! Wow!! They must be amazing! You have baked the cakes and now you are feeding them brandy…how often do they require feeding? I can now understand people getting drunk from eating Christmas cake!

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