What I Want To Know Is Why?

As you all know I had a big Birthday this year and up until now, and because of the treatment I had for my breast cancer, since my first operation I have been experiencing night sweats (!) But after my Birthday it was like a switch was switched and I suddenly started getting hot all the time! 

In the supermarket I would be walking round and I would just starting sweating!  I wouldn’t get, as some of my friends described, a rising heat from their feet upwards, I would just break out in sweats and I mean sweats as in ran ten hard miles!!!!!!  Now I know this is all part of a woman’s life but what I don’t understand is the full blown periods I am having as well!!!!!  Come on, give me a break!!!!!! 

The other week when I was Christmas shopping in Nottingham, a job I love, I was in my favourite store, John Lewis, when it started.  I could feel my back just start and well I won’t give you the gruesome details but :

The ice bucket challenge has nothing on me! 

It is enough of a job in the morning deciding what to wear, now I have to consider where I am going and what it is going to be like when I get there, as to what I wear.  For instance are they going to have the heating going full blast?  You know what its like; some stores have the air conditioning on and sometimes it is the heating and going from cold outdoors to warm indoors, well that is just a recipe for disaster!

At least in this day and age we are lucky with our clothes, we can try and dress to accommodate these episodes but how did our Victorian sisters cope dressed the way they used to?

Beautiful clothes which I must say can hide various bits we don’t like about ourselves, but no wonder the ladies were always fainting!!!!!

And another thing, I have this hair and it keeps growing on my face!  Fortunately I am lucky as I am a blonde so my hair is fair but it is like a wire!!  So now I spend once a week with my tweezers in my hand making sure it does not grow too big!!!

Well I send this out in to the Cosmos:

Please let me get through this phase of my life, without too many of these episodes and let me come out the other side still sane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope your Thursday is nice and cool!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

3 thoughts on “What I Want To Know Is Why?

  1. Mitch and Molly

    Meno is oodles of fun, isn’t it 🙁 I’ve had hot flashes for 8 years now and wonder when they’re going to end?! The intensity has decreased thank doG! No more monthlys though and that is the really great part! We do feel for you, Miss Susie.

  2. farmquilter

    Honestly LOLing here!!! Been there, done that…and still doing some of that! I can highly recommend a triple magnifying mirror, good torch with a tight beam…you’ll be amazed at where those interesting hairs will pop out next!! And being blonde won’t save you forever…they do start getting dark!! The favored areas are under your chin…all the way back to your throat!! Oh, around your mouth and under your nose…jaw line…cheeks…oh, heck, just go in monthly and have your face waxed!!! Just wait until you have to strip the bed in the middle of the night…and flip the mattress too!!! They say it will pass…I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago and I still occasionally have my own personal summer! So sorry, Susie…it is a pain!

  3. Lara B.

    Oh Dear Susie! You’ve got it bad! Glad you have a sense of humor about it – that helps! I have looked at dresses in the past and wondered how women coped, but I never thought about how it must have felt wearing all those layers and silk while having a hot flash. Can you imagine the pit stains on the silk? You don’t see that written about in popular novels.

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