The Wednesday Wag!


Treacle’s Thoughts!

No Mom I am not going outside, it’s too cold and I am waiting here for Santa to arrive!  If you want to go out you know where the door is!


Cartoon of Airedale Terriers

(This just reminds me of Treacle! Found it on Pinterest.  If you love Airedales you will love this Board : !)


4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    LOL, reminds me of my Tara!! We have to shovel snow off a section of grass for her or she won’t go potty outside!! I guess when your legs are only 4″ long, snow is just too much for ya! Poor Treacle…guess you could figure out a diaper for her is you had to – but I certainly want a picture of that!!! Treacle certainly has her sass on!

  2. BarbCarol

    Wish my Border Collie wanted to stay inside. He goes out to “do his duty”, then lies in the snow to watch my shivering dash outside to get him.

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