We’re Back!

DSC04109We actually got back last Thursday but then Friday was manic as I was trying to catch up with all my jobs, work and also get ready for the Small Pool Party for our swimming club.  65 children were attending between  7.00pm and 9.00pm for a magic show, food, disco and party bags!  They all had a great evening, we were all exhausted!!!!  They didn’t eat all the food and it was too good to waste so we took it down to our local fire station for the night shift and it was gratefully received.

DSC04107The above picture is Leith dock near Edinburgh where we had dinner on our first night away.  This is where the former Royal Yacht, Britannia, is moored. DH and I took the boys around it when it was first there and the area looks nothing like it did then with a massive re-generation taking place in the past few years.

DH had a meetings on the Wednesday morning so I had time to walk round Edinburgh and do some more Christmas shopping.  We then travelled over to Glasgow for another couple of meetings and spent the evening in Glasgow for dinner which was our wedding anniversary.

DSC04110Again we stayed by the River, this time The Clyde, famous for many years of shipbuilding.  Outside the hotel they have left one of the massive cranes which was once used for the shipbuilding.  A great piece of history.

DSC04111We left Glasgow after the meeting at lunch and headed home in lots of rain and high winds!  The Boys and Girlfriend had been fine although Treacle seemed extremely pleased to see us (!) but everything seemed okay!!!!  Over the weekend Youngest was at a swim meet for the two days but Saturday, although I had promised myself I would get lots done, I did nothing!!!!  I was so tired and the weather was not good so Treacle and I snuggled and watched films and drank lots of tea!!!!!

Sunday I got house jobs done and some work and got things ready for today.  Today I got work jobs done and have taken Youngest to school and piano lessons and I have a huge basket of ironing from last week to do.  The weather is getting dank and foggy and cold and miserable at the moment and even Treacle seems depressed!!!!!  Next weekend we are not doing anything extra so we can get things straight. 

I am busy now planning things for Christmas week and trying to get organised.  Hope everyone’s Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    So glad you had a wonderful time with your hubby and that the house was still standing when you got home!!! You have good boys and girlfriend there to keep them straight…and Treacle to watch everything! Traveling always is more exhausting then we think…smart to take a day and snuggle with Treacle before diving in to all the things you had to do!

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