The Wednesday Wag!


Mom has been on another cleaning spree and Teddy, my most favourite toy, was flung into the washing machine!  However he does smell a lot better now!  I am even allowed to take him into the Boys rooms now, he was banned before!!!

DSC04102No Mom you are not having him again!

DSC04105I do love to cuddle Teddy

DSC04106See I am not letting him go Mom!

There are lots of things going off in the house at the moment and I think it is getting near to Christmas as that word keeps being mentioned!  I have decided to do my Christmas list for Mom

New Tennis Balls, New Santa Hat, Bag of Treats!

(Okay Treacle I will write your wish list down for Friday!)

I have also found a new Twitter Account and am now considering getting an account for myself.  Snoopy Twitters!!!!  Go check it out.  Mom loves it, Snoopy always makes her smile, just like me!

Yes Treacle you and Snoopy love you both!

Have a Woofy Wednesday, Treacle.

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle, remember how wonderful you feel when you have a “spa day”…Teddy needed a spa day as well so he could smell as nice as you!!!

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