The Wednesday Wag & Mom is really Happy!


Youngest is at home this week, Yeah, and he and I have been helping with the mail!  This packet got my attention, it smelt so good!  Youngest and I couldn’t wait to open it, even if it was addressed to Mom!

DSC04083Hurry up and open it I need to see what is inside?!

DSC04088I just knew there was something wonderful inside

DSC04089 DSC04090My Lovely Cousins from over the sea have sent me a treat; Paul Newan’s Salmon and Sweet Potato Treats which Mitch and Molly have.  They are delicious!

DSC04092 DSC04091 Yum, mumble, mumble yummy …. sorry I am too busy eating!

DSC04100Thank you so much Mitch & Molly for sharing your lovely treats.

Oh Mom was more interested in this, which also came in the package!


Aren’t Quilty Friends the best!  Mitch & Molly’s Mom, Sue, won my Giveaway in the last Blog Hop I took part in “See You In September” and her prize was the lovely Autumn fabrics.  Well the fabric arrived safely with her in the US (you can read about that here: and she quickly made a cute Autumn mat, of course featuring an Airedale (you can read about it here :

Well as you can see from Treacle’s blog above a wonderful package arrived in the mail this morning and Treacle was really happy with her gift and I am bowled over by mine.  I have sent Sue, Mitch and Molly an email to say big Thank You and to say how wonderful Quilty Friends are.  Sue also sent a lovely note featuring the Ragtail Airedales.

DSC04095Here they are with the collection of Airedale walkers and the best bit is that I had one of those when I was a little girl.  I will hunt out a picture of mine.  The reason I had one was because my Mom and her Daddy had Airedales when she was a little girl.  So a wonderful family memory.

DSC04097So once again, Sue, Mitch & Molly thank you so much.  the Airedale mat now has pride of place on my desk where I work and sew.

So big Quilty Hug from Susie and a crumbly biscuit woof from Treacle. xx

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag & Mom is really Happy!

  1. Mitch and Molly

    We are so happy that the envelope arrived safely and that we both like your gifts. We sure had fun making them and surprising the both of you with them! Now we both need to post pictures of our wheelies on our blogs. Our wheelie, Francesca, is all dressed for autumn. We can’t wait to see your wheelie, Miss Susie!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. farmquilter

    How wonderful for both of you!!! Nothing like a winner making you a lovely from the gift you sent them! Could she share the recipe for the treats she made for you, Treacle??

  3. RedSetter

    What a beautiful quilt, you and Treacle are so lucky. I love the walkers too, at first I was a bit foxed by how they got so many dogs to sit in order….ok, ok, I never claimed to be smart….!

    Treacle’s thank you picture is absolutely fabulous – the muzzle/nose fluffs and ears are just adorable.

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