The Wednesday Wag & Thursday Throwback!


Sorry I was not around yesterday but I was very busy at my Day Spa!  Haven’t they made a nice job of my coat?  Mom says I also smell so much better, but I am sure I don’t know what she means!

DSC04070 DSC04069Just thought I would show you a side view and my face.  Mom was not best pleased that it was pouring with rain last night so I got my nice, new, expensive do very wet!

DSC04067Youngest helped dry me.

IMG_1398This was the first hair cut I ever had when I was a puppy.

DSC04068 Here is Youngest and I, he is helping to dry me.

IMG_1298Here is our Throwback picture for today of him and me when we were both Puppies!

Have a Woofy Thrilling Thursday

Treacle (and Mom!) x

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag & Thursday Throwback!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, Treacle, you are looking so smart! Mom knows you don’t really like to get wet outside, and I’m certain positive she would prefer you to go out and get wet doing your business then to stay dry by doing your business in the house!! Twas a rainy Wednesday here as well and your friend Tara made sure she did her business under the shelter of the trees – she doesn’t do wet well either! Just wait until it snows and I have to shovel the snow from the grass for her – her short (long for her, but she’s just small, you know!) skinny legs just don’t do snow!

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