The Wednesday Wag

Treacle's Diary!I have just been updating my Diary for the month and I am so busy!  Also Mom keeps putting things in for me as well and I really just cannot keep up with all my appointments!  I really do need my Spa day next week!

Mom had a really bad day yesterday and didn’t get her work done as there was a major panic with the Swimming Club!  I don’t know why they can’t just go swimming in the river like us dogs do!!!!  Anywoof Mom and Dad were very busy and so I just kept her company at her desk and with me in my basket!  I even got an extra Bonio yesterday for being so good!

Eldest has been here tidying his room and getting rid of any rubbish and putting books away and others to Youngest for his course work.  He has created more of a mess, or so Mom says, but he his sorting it out and he tidied the garage for Dad too, so he can have an extra biscuit!

The other evening Youngest and I were the only ones home and we both got scared!  It was really windy and the house was creaking and then we both saw the “Thing” run up the steps but I was barking so loud that Youngest did not see exactly what it was!  But when I get my paws on it, well the above picture is sort of what it will be like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom says I need to stay in over the next few days as there is some really bad weather coming with more high winds and lots and lots of rain and I don’t like getting wet much, so I think my basket is going to the best and coziest place to be.  At the weekend Mom says that we need to get all the winter clothing down from the attic and I will get my winter blankets down too! Yeah

DSC03829Just practicing for winter!

Must dash now as I am going on patrol to see what is happening outside before it rains and Mom has to dry me, again, and then I am going to see what Eldest is up to and then it will be time for Youngest to be home from school and that means dinner then!  So busy, busy, busy!

Woof, Treacle

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag

  1. farmquilter

    Mom needs to set up a motion-activated camera to get a picture of “the Thing”!! I think I like your plans for the next few days. The weather isn’t pretty here either…I think I’ll follow suit, but I’ll be sewing instead of napping…but a nap may sneak in there too!!!

  2. Mitch and Molly

    You have a very busy weeks ahead, Treacle. Don’t you just love it when the winter blankies come out of storage. You sure do look comfy and happy in your basket!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

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