Happy 1st Birthday!

Miss Wilkes 141013This little one, Evalyn, is one today!

So as all of us are at work or school, we all met up on Saturday for a day out at the zoo.  The weather wasn’t too bad, a little rain but it did get better in the afternoon but it didn’t stop us and the children of all ages having fun and celebrating her Birthday.

DSC04044DSC04051The two Uncles with Evalyn

DSC04045Our boys, Evalyn and Girlfriend

DSC04063Grandad with Evalyn

DSC04066And to prove that they never really grow up here are my two on the children’s seesaw!!!!

DSC04054Girlfriend made the cake and it was lovely

DSC04055Evalyn with her piece!

We had a great time wandering around the various enclosures and all the animals seemed pretty chilled, in fact as the weather was a bit wet most were inside tucked up in their straw and snoozing.  Treacle would have been right at home! It was a lovely family day. 

We got back around 6.30pm and decided to have a Chinese takeaway for dinner and then all settled down to watch a film. 

I love those sorts of days.

Hope your weekends were full of fun. I still need to finish my baby quilt but hoping to get that done this week.

Hugs, Susie x

3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday!

  1. farmquilter

    What a lovely way to celebrate such a special day!!! Amazing how fast the time flies! Where is the picture of Evalyn with grandma??? Everyone else got in on the photo action…:)

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