Tuesday Already!

DH and Eldest have been really busy yesterday and today, leaving the house at 4.00am to drive up to County Durham to collect some tools for one of the companies we work with.  They then drove back to Chesterfield and then back again to County Durham.  They got in around 2.00am this morning and then left again at 5.00am to do the whole trip again!  Needless to say I was also up and by 7.30pm last night I was just about asleep on my feet!!!!  I was also up this morning too, thank goodness that after today that will be it!

DSC04028Yesterday the weather changed and it rained heavily all day and at one point it even looked like sleet!  So this has put paid to Treacle’s hunt for the “Thing” under the steps!!!!  In fact this is what she looked like yesterday lunchtime!

DSC04026This is the just woken up face!  and why have you bothered me I was having a lovely snooze!!!!!

To everyone who has commented and become fascinated with the hunt for the “Thing” we have still not found evidence of what it is.  In fact for all we know it may have moved on and Treacle is just smelling where it has been!!!  Unfortunately the steps are not made in a way that we can lift them, so I think it is just going to be one of those mysteries which are never solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get this done at the weekend though

DSC04029 DSC04031 DSC04030I am so pleased how it has turned out and I just now need to layer it and get it quilted.  I think it will look great for a little boy or girl! 

Still need to get another two projects completed and then Eldest’s quilt, quilted.  Youngest is asking for his quilt now so I am determined to try and get that finished before Christmas!

I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday, Monday disappeared in a cloud of work and tiredness!!!! 

Now this is my 500th Post!  Amazing!  To celebrate I will be coming up with a Giveaway for my Followers, hopefully by the end of the week, so stay tuned.

Hugs, Susie x

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Already!

  1. barbara woods

    love the puppy quilt, my sis would really love it. where did you get the fabric?

  2. farmquilter

    You have had two exhausting days! That quilt is adorable and looks just like Treacle!!! I love it!!! Wherever did you find such adorable fabric?? I’ll have to hunt for it here in the states!!

  3. Mitch and Molly

    Your baby quilt is just cuter than cute, Susie! The fabric is just adorable!
    You did your best, Treacle. We bet that varmint knew you were looking for him and hightailed it before you snagged him!

  4. RedSetter

    Your quilt is lovely and so cute. I’m glad you are getting some sleep almost everything in life can me coped with so long as you get some sleep.

    Re: the thing – I am devastated that we might not find out what is under there…..have you never watched a scary movie…..we need to find out what is under there…! How sad am I? I might need to have a chat with Treacle and her super sniffer tho to get her back tracking the Thing, once she wakes up of course!

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