Yeah It’s Friday!

DSC04021“Thing” – 5  /  Treacle – 0   The amount of Days Treacle has been searching and had no luck!

Yes she is back on the case.  Redsetter suggests lifting the steps, which is easier said than done and has already been suggested by the Boys.  Did anyone ever watch that children’s film called “Mousehunt” with Nathan Lane and Lee Evans?  Well they wreck this lovely old house looking for one tiny mouse and that is what would happen if I let DH and the Boys near the steps!!!!!

Confession time now, I love Dallas; the TV series, old and new!  I probably would love Dallas itself if I ever get to go, but the show is great!  My parents and I used to watch the original show when I was little and it was so popular over here.   I think it was because of the sets and the costumes and definitely the outrageous behaviour.  Well when they brought it back with some of the old characters and carried the story on with the two sons I couldn’t wait and so I am now hooked on the story lines again.

The sets are still wonderful, same as the clothes and yes the behaviour is still bad, if not worse, and we love it!  I especially love Patrick Duffy (always have) and Mitch Pileggi who was of course in my other favourite TV show The X-Files!!

Sorting out my quilting to be done over the weekend. 

The washer repair man came today to replace the door seal as the old one had begun to leak, so over the weekend I have to get all the washing done too!!  At least once its loaded it gets on with it itself, and you don’t have to stand over a sink washing by hand and then a mangle.  I definitely like that about modern life!!!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend.  The weather is due to change here and begin to feel like Autumn, but it has sure been nice to have the warm weather while it lasted.

Hugs, Susie x

4 thoughts on “Yeah It’s Friday!

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle is always good for a chuckle!! Fall is definitely here – woke up this morning to see that where the wheel lines in the field (still irrigating) were surrounded by ice! I know the temperature was below freezing! The sun quickly warmed up the icy field and the water is going great guns on its march across the field for the last time this season. Love the look of the icicles hanging from the metal wheels with the rising sun making them all glitter like diamonds. One of these mornings really soon, I need to get out there and take some pictures!!

  2. RedSetter

    The tension over what the ‘thing’ is driving me bonkers. It’s like those spooky films which I cant watch, I just ‘need’ to know what it is! I can see your reluctance about wrecking the house Mousehunt style but if this continues I’ll be backing your boys to the hilt to get the steps lifted…..!

    I haven’t seen the new Dallas so might need to look out for it. Patrick Duffy is rather like a glamorous version of Martin Shaw when I think about it which is probably why I liked both of them way back!

    I forgot to mention yesterday that I just adore the quote from the film You’ve Got Mail. I could watch that movie on a loop it is so lovely!

  3. Judy

    I love Dallas also and just had to watch the new show when it started so of course now I am hooked. It is crazy but fun to watch. I was in Dallas last November for a couple of days and really wanted to drive by the house they use for South Fork we didnt have enough time. It is now an event center and you can take a tour of the house so I will put that on my to do list next time I go to the Dallas area.
    I hope you figure out soon what is under your steps. I am really curious to see what it is.

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