Well it is clean and tidy for another week, Thursday sure does come round fast!  Grocery shopping done too for another week, its amazing how quickly the cupboards empty as well! 

DSC04019Treacle has still not found the “Thing” but it sure is keeping her busy and entertained outside!


Despite it being still very warm during the day the leaves are continuing to fall and turn their lovely Autumn colours.  Today it has been 70° and the sun is shining although it is forecast to be colder by the weekend.


Tomorrow evening we are all going to the Fair!  Nottingham’s Goose Fair which is a tradition in our family.  DH and I come from Nottingham and so have always taken the Boys to the Fair and we can honestly say that DH and I both went to the Fair before we were born, as our parents went too!!!!  The Boys love it and now Girlfriend does too!  In fact it is where DH and I had our first date!  However afterwards we now go for pizza instead of eating hotdogs!!!! 

I also need to get some quilting done at the weekend and get another couple of things finished as they will soon be required.

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Susie x

3 thoughts on “Thursdayish!!!

  1. farmquilter

    Have a blast at the fair!!! I wish I could spend a year in rural England – your picture of the trees is gorgeous!!! How fun that Treacle has such tenacity and determination to rid her garden of the uninvited guest!!! She is so protective of her territory – what a sweetie!!!

  2. RedSetter

    Pity you are going out at the weekend I was going to ask if you fancied applying your cleaning magic to my place…???? However, the fair sound like much more fun. Poor Treacle – if you were any kind of decent owner you’d get those steps lifted and put Treacle (and me, really) out of our misery as to what the heck is under there 🙂 You could run a sweepstake on it.

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