The Wednesday Wag

Well whatever is under the patio steps I am going to have to come up with a different solution to get it out!  I have tried snuffing down between the steps, I have tried digging out the sides and I still can’t find it!

I am going to draw up a shopping list for Mom:

1.  Shotgun  2.  Dynamite   3.  Acme Bomb.

However Mom won’t let me stay out all night.  I almost caught it when I went out last thing and I chased it up through all of Mom’s bushes (she wasn’t pleased!).

DSC04024 I have retired to my basket in disgust!

Mom has been out all morning shopping for presents for three Birthdays which are coming up soon, including Girlfriends, whose Birthday is on Sunday.  Today is Girlfriend’s Sister’s 18th Birthday and Mom and the Boys went to see her last night.  Dad is away for two days with work so it is just Mom and me on her bed!!!!  Don’t tell Dad!

DSC03251Girlfriend is on the right, 18 year old on the left and little one in front!

Happy 18th Birthday Em!

Mom will be busy tomorrow with house jobs and I get to help, well I keep her company wandering round the house with her!

Hope you are all having a very woofy Wednesday


3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag

  1. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle, hunting down the interloper in the garden is such hard work, especially without the proper tools!! Mom knows about having the right tool for the job, so I hope you get what you need. Maybe the local animal control will have a live trap you can use!!

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