Unexpected Monday!

Monday comes round far too fast!  Youngest had a swim competition on Saturday and he did really well with a second and two third places and bettering his times, which is more important for him!  He came home with three more trophies for me to dust!

DH and I managed to get some jobs done in the house and garden although Treacle has been very busy with one part of the garden as something has moved in!  Trouble is we don’t know what!!!!  DH got up at 5.00am this morning and it was still dark outside but we could hear something scuttling around under the bushes at the front of the patio!!!!!  Also the owl was still hunting and calling very near to the garden.  I don’t mind so long as it isn’t a rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC04020Here is Treacle on the Hunt!

 DSC04021DSC04019These two pictures show Treacle looking for whatever has moved in.  We think it is nesting underneath the steps!

DSC04022I did manage to get nine of these blocks done for the new baby quilt I am making.  I now need to get them joined together and then the rows done and then decide what to back it with.  I think I have a lovely soft green material for the back, but will have to dig it out from my stash.

DSC04023Still have this small quilt to put together and finish and a little something that I am making for Baby Evalyn for her first Birthday, now where has that year gone!!!!

Must dash as I have dinner to make and another basket of ironing to do (those baskets of ironing seem to come round too fast!)

Hope you are all having a merry Monday!

Hugs, Susie x

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Monday!

  1. farmquilter

    I hope Treacle or the owl will find what is living in your garden!!! My barn cats keep sharing their finds with me – mice, wood rats, and weasels – all lovingly left on the back porch! I am getting up the energy to go to a doctor appointment in 2 hours to see if I broke my foot or ankle when I tumbled down the stairs on Saturday. I am not sure if he will want to x-ray my knee too. It is really a pain to have both legs swollen and hurting! Amazing how much damage one can do when you fall down 3 concrete steps!! Need to do the laundry too! Ugh! Congrats to Younger on lowering his times in the pool – that is awesome!!!

  2. lynn cockrell

    I always enjoy it when you share photos of your adorable doggie. He looks as if he is on a mission to find that new tenant. The doggie block is so pretty. That is going to be some fabulous quilt for a fortunate little girl!

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