My Day On “See You In September Blog Hop”

Today is my day on the Blog Hop and welcome!    Firstly a huge Thank You to Madame Samm  at who comes up with all these wonderful ideas for the Hops and to Shari, our lovely Cheerleader at  who has done a great job in organising all of us.

I cannot believe that we are already in September but when I look back on what we have done and seen in the year so far, we have been really busy.  No sooner had Youngest finished school for the summer when it was last Monday and he was back at school!  Despite having those six weeks in which to get my three projects completely finished and the Riley Blake Gingham project done, I am afraid to say I only got two and a half completed!!!!!!!  However I can show you pictures!!!!!


This project is finished and is the Picnic Quilt that Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy blog asked me to test her pattern for her.  I have quilted it and even managed to get the binding sewn on.  This is the one I entered for the local Produce Show last Saturday,  but I didn’t win anything 🙁  I did the free motion quilting on my new (well a year old now) Janome machine which DH bought me for my Birthday/Christmas presents last year.  I love it!  I am still learning to do the free motion quilting but it is getting better and I love the feel of the quilt when it is done.



This is Lily’s Quilt.  Lily is the younger sister of Girlfriend and it is for her Birthday in December when she will be eleven.  I have almost finished the binding on this (!) but just ran out of time this weekend.  Again I had great fun with my free motion quilting.



This material I saw on a recent trip to the Quilt Shop and I just loved it.  I decided to make this little table top quilt for me and hang it near my desk, which I also use for sewing! 

I am sorry that the pictures are not good but again I ran out of time to take them outside to take the pictures. (I am actually writing this post at 10.50pm BST so really last minute and now dark outside!!!!)

When it came to a project in Riley Blake Gingham I have always used the small gingham and unfortunately this is one of the ranges that is being cancelled 🙁 but at least Madame Samm’s campaign has saved one of the range. 

Having got the schedule from Shari I realised that my day for the Hop was September 11th which is a date I will never forget.  We have a book at home and it is called “We Interrupt This Programme….” and it is about points in history when momentous things happened and when people will always remember where they were, when they heard the news.  Well I was working at home with Youngest who was 1 1/2 years old and Eldest was at school.  We had just finished lunch and Youngest was watching one of his cartoons (he was allowed to watch two cartoons after lunch) and the news broke in over the channel and I immediately turned to BBC 1.  I sat there with Youngest on my knee in total shock of what I was seeing and then to see the second plane it was horrific.  Something I will never ever forget.

So because of today and in remembrance of this here is my project.


I had the lovely red Riley Blake Gingham and the blue stars fabric is left over from my American Quilt I made three years ago.  “The Look What I Made” holders are where I displayed the Boys pictures and things they had made at school.  Then as they got older I used them to keep letters from school, Scouts and swimming, and things I needed to do or remember.  These sit at the side of my desk where I sit all day and I can see my representation of Old Glory.  

I did look up the rules about displaying the American Flag and found them to be very strict and it does say that it must not be embroidered on anything, but if you look around blog land there are a lot of quilted flags.  I do hope I have not offended anyone by doing this, but felt this is what I needed to do for today.

I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects and have added quite a few of them to my “To Do” list!  Here are the other ladies who are hosting today with me:

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Thank you for getting this far in this long post and reading about what I have been up to this summer.


This is open to everyone, everywhere, just leave me a comment and Random Number Generator will pick one lucky person on Tuesday September 17th.  You don’t have to do anything else.  If you would like to follow me that would be great, as I love meeting new people even if it is through a computer.  You can win this bundle of fabric; a small Riley Blake Gingham in orange, a very bright orange fabric left over from the picnic quilt and two pieces from the Fabulous Fall range from Moda.


Thanks for stopping by and to DH for being a human quilt hanger while I took the pictures!

Hugs, Susie x


As you can see Treacle tried to stay awake to help but it just got too late for her!

73 thoughts on “My Day On “See You In September Blog Hop”

  1. Jan

    All of your projects are very pretty. I especially love the star quilt and the fabric you chose for it. It’s a reminder that colder weather is very near.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful quilts….the tree is something else….awsome….I really like your flag quilt….thanks for the giveaway…..

  3. Gmama Jane

    Thank you for the Remembrance Flag. Few of us will ever forget where we were on that fateful day, Sept. 11, 2001. I was in class teaching a reading lesson and knew nothing about what was going on till after 10:00 a.m. when I emerged from my classroom. I kept asking what was wrong and everyone was so upset they couldn’t speak. I went to a friend’s classroom to watch her TV in time to see the first building fall. I can still remember and feel the utter shock and fear! We all had to hold in our fear to keep the students calm which was difficult when we’re all thinking our country is under attack. ………………I do love all your beautiful quilting projects. Don’t worry about the flag rules. Some are unknown to most of us but obvious disrespect is not tolerated by most. Such as hanging it upside down or altering it in anyway.
    Gmama Jane

  4. Susan

    I started following you via Bloglovin’. I love adore the quilt you made to test Amy’s star pattern. It is stunning. You are really becoming proficient quickly with your quilting with your new machine. The gift quilt is going to be well received. It is phenomenal. Your quilting is terrific. The Stitch Tree is fun, fun, fun! The American flag is great! I know there are rules about our flag and I don’t think as long as it’s not absolutely defaming, no one cares. I think we are pleased that it’s still remembered. I visited the England for 10 days in early August and attended the Quilt Festival in Birmingham at the end. WoW! What a festival! BTW – i have an Eagle Scout who is now 35. Whenever I travel, I always stop and take time to tal to the Scouts. I saw Scouts at the Tower of London. Some seemed pleased that I stopped to talk to them and very pleased when I told them I was a mom of an Eagle Scout. You are very generous with your giveaway and someone is going to be thrilled. Thanks for participating in the hop and sharing bits of your summer.

  5. Angie

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE that first Fall quilt—the pattern and the fabrics just makes my heart flutter. 🙂 The others are lovely too.

  6. joannequiltsj

    Your projects are wonderful and I love the Fall colors! Thank you for the fall quilt. It is a wonderful tribute and one that you have made to look absolutely beautiful. The red gingham is perfect for it. Thanks for sharing your creations and talent with us today. Keep up the great work on the free motion quilting. 🙂

  7. Heleen Groot

    You did two full quilts in a summer! I am very impressed! Love the star quilt and the little project you made for your sewing space is adorable. I remember were I was too. I was on a course for work and we had our morning break. CNN was on the television in the break room and all of us complete strangers just gathered round the television. Watching the horrible become real.

  8. Pauline F

    Susie, you accomplished a lot of stitching this summer…2 quilts, that is awesome!! Love your color combinations of Amy’s picnic quilt…love that orange gingham! Thanks for sharing and your inspiration!! Happy stitching, Pauline

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