Tuesday Turmoil!

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Tuesday, September 9
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I have now managed to catch up and just need to hop along to the above ladies to see what they have been up to.

We had a committee meeting at the swimming club last night and it was very long and we didn’t get home until 11.00pm!  One of the main pools we train at closed yesterday for three months for repairs to the pool floor so we have had to move all our swimmers to our other pool and fit them in there, so it has been a really busy time.  We have also had to move our two in-house Galas which take place in October and November.  Anyway the new pool called to say that they are having a problem with their filtration system and one of the dates we have chosen for the first gala, the pool is going to be closed!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I have had to scramble and find another date!  I think I am going to hide in a darkened room and not come out until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember me telling you that Eldest had been cast as an Extra in the film “Testament of Youth”?  Well they have now released a trailer on You Tube, which you can find here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3e2nNNJ7-4.  At 0.36 there is a scene of the parade ground and Eldest is on it.  Below is a capture of the still and he is on the third row back from the front, third one in from the left!  We are so excited. 

testament of youth picture

We are so proud of him.

Need to get on with dinner now as I have Minutes of the meeting to type later 🙁

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Even before I read where Eldest was, I spotted him!!! Wheee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Completely exciting!!! BTW, on the hop, K and S Sweets and Stitching hasn’t posted anything since last month…I’ve check twice this morning!

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