Monday – Bittersweet Day


Despite promising to not get behind, I am!!!!!!!!!!!  Friday got away from me and then the weekend, so I didn’t post which ladies were hosting on the See You In September Blog Hop on Friday, sorry!  Anyway here they are and also today’s ladies.  I will be hopping around to see all the fabulous projects later.  I did get some quilting done so……

Friday, September 5
 Stitchin’ By The Lake
Coeur d’Alene
Words & Stitches
Pig Tales and Quilts
All Thingz Sewn

Monday, September 8
Quilting Quietly

Creatin’ in the Sticks
Procrastination Queen
Lovelli Quilts
Cherry Blossoms


We woke this morning to find it foggy across the valley.  The Weather man promised that it would clear up and be warm during the day and it has, but it was really cool this morning, it definitely had an Autumn feel. 

Today was the first day of school and Youngest went back and Treacle and I were so sad.  On the first day of the new year I have always taken a picture of them in their uniforms and sure enough we did this morning. 


Here he is in his nice new uniform for this year (he had grown out of last years!!!!) 


He decided before I got downstairs he was going to do his own selfie, No not quite right for the album!!!!!!

It has been a busy old day and tomorrow I have lots of work to do but hopefully will get to finish my last project before my day on the Blog Hop on Thursday!!!!!!

Hope you are all having a great Monday

Hugs, Susie x

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