Great Weekend!



One of the many benefits of where we live is that we are only twenty five miles away from Chatsworth House, the home of the Duke & Duchess Devonshire. Friday, Saturday and Sunday was the Country Fair held in the grounds of the House and Eldest got two days work there serving in one of the Alcohol areas.  DH, Youngest and I decided to go on Saturday, not planned at all, and see Eldest and have a look at the fair.  We have been many times before and it is always a great day out.

There are lots of trade stands selling everything you can think of, also lots of stands of food and drink, cookery demonstrations, craft exhibitions and sales, gardening supplies and doggy supplies.  

There are also lots of country pursuits including fly fishing competitions, pick up competitions, scurry, demonstrations by the local hunt, displays of military vehicles, vintage cars, shooting competitions and pony races.


These three wonderful horse and carriage displays were in the 14 -25 year old category and they looked great.


The original threshing machine


Youngest had a go at the .22 shooting competition


There was a fly past of a Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft


The view over the Grand Ring


The parade of the Vintage Cars


Finally a display of the horse and carriage competitors.  This carriage is from the Royal Household and is used by the Younger Royals at Trooping of the Colour held in June each year.  The Gentleman on the Left is the Head Coachman to The Queen.

The weather was not particular warm and we had a bit of rain in the morning but we had a great day.  We got there at 9.00am and didn’t leave until the end at 5.00pm.  Eldest had had  a busy day but at least he got paid for being there!

Yesterday I did some more quilting which you will be able to see next week on my day of the “See You In September” Blog Hop, which begins on Wednesday this week.  I will be posting each day those ladies who are hosting. 

Hope everyone had a Lovely weekend and Happy September!

Hugs, Susie x

6 thoughts on “Great Weekend!

  1. farmquilter

    Looks like a fabulous fair – lovely way to spend the day with the Youngest! How did he do in the .22 competition?

  2. Lara

    Wow what a day Susie! Your fair is most impressive!
    When my eldest was in high school she worked as a waitress. My hubby would go to eat there on Saturday mornings just so he could see her working. It isn’t often your kids wait on you. LOL

  3. Judy

    Looks like a fun day at the fair. Our public broadcasting channel had a series of programs on famous British Manor Houses and Chatsworth House was one of them. It was so interesting to watch, what an amazing place that I hope to visit someday.

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