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DSC03959I got quite a bit of quilting done over the weekend.  I finished my picnic quilt and just now need to finish the binding and I started on the pink quilt which is for Girlfriend’s sister for her Birthday in December.  I can’t show you too much as these are projects I am finishing are for the “See You In September Blog Hop”.  I am hoping to get all the projects finished so it will be a good show!


This is the state of my desk/sewing area!!!!! I need to do some tidying up.  The purple pieces are for the mystery quilt I still need to finish!!!!!!!


 Treacle wanted to get in on the act but was caught by Eldest!  She is not bothered she is having a cuddle!!!!!

I won’t be able to do any quilting tonight as I have a basket of ironing which needs attending to 😦

Have a Marvelous Monday

Susie x

House Job Day!

Trying to clean when the Boys are home, is like trying to shovel snow while it is still snowing!

As soon as I finished a room they were both there messing it up again!!!!  Anyway it is clean even if it is not tidy!  Eldest has been helping shred a hug box full of papers which I have been meaning to do and Youngest has been helping with the bins.  It has been really hot and muggy today and they have forecast storms so at least I have the jobs finished before that arrives and our power goes out!

Grocery shopping has been done too and I just have to get the fresh things from the local farm shop tomorrow.  Then I will be doing some quilting!  I don’t care what else is happening, I will be doing some quilting.

Tomorrow evening we are off to one of our friends house for a party for his wife who is 50 this year! We are hoping that the weather holds and we can be in the garden.  Especially as we are giving her a plant for the garden.  They have just moved into this house so I think it will be great for her garden to have a new plant to add to it. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and hopefully by the end of it I will have some quilting things to show you.

Hugs, Susie x

Throwback Thursday!


Throwback Thursday!

Scotland, August 2004

Eldest on the left who was 9, Youngest on the right who was 5!

I see these pictures and they make me cry!  Where has the time gone?  I love them to bits.

Susie x



RIP Robin Williams!

The wonderfully funny and talented Robin Williams passed away yesterday and the World is a little darker for it.

I was fourteen when Mork & Mindy hit our TV screens and my friends and I loved it!  He will always be Mork to me.

Na-No Na-No to you all and RIP Robin Williams

Susie x

Festival of Quilts 2014 Purchases!!!!!!

Who doesn’t love shopping?  I used my Missouri Quilt Company bag that I made to carry all my purchases in.  Here is what I bought :


This was free, just had to let them have my email address! Probably will regret this when I get thousands of emails!!!!!!


Some lovely Tilda fabrics


This is a lovely little wooden cotton reel with Homemade ribbon on.


A little bundle of material. I love the colours.


This is a chalk pen I am going to use to transfer the pattern onto Eldest’s Quilt


This pattern is for a lovely little lap quilt but I am going to use those rose coloured Tilda fabrics. The spotted fabric is for the binding.


  You can never have enough wadding!

I also bought a paper pattern which you sew over on top of the quilt.  Again this will be for Eldest’s quilt.  I want to do the quilting like waves so I will have to experiment a little bit first. 

Still trying to get some of the projects finished and am determined that this weekend I am going to make a start.  Once I get going there will be no stopping me!!!!!!

Sorry about the alignment of the pictures, WordPress seems to be playing up today and inserting the pictures where it wants, and not where I want!!!!!!!! 

Must get on now as Youngest is going swimming tonight and I am on duty as the taxi!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Hugs, Susie x

Pets On Quilts Show 2014 Voting.


Voting has now begun on the wonderful Pets On Quilts Show 2014 and Treacle has an entry in the 1.  Dog or Pup and Quilt category.  Her Entry Number is 44.

If you would like to vote for her and see all the other entries (they are all cute and winners as far as Treacle and I are concerned!) please visit the link below :

Thanks to Snoodle, Padsworth & Dragondrop at Lily Pad Quilting and their Sponsors for a fantastic show and all the hard work which goes into running the show.

Hugs & Woof

Susie & Treacle