He’s Home!


Youngest is home!  They arrived back by 11.00am which threw a kink into the day as they were supposed to be back at 4.00pm but we sorted it.  DH and I went to fetch him and they had all had a fantastic ten days.  Youngest loved Prague, they went white water rafting on the old Olympic course, they went to the Thermal Pools in East Germany, they also went to a local water park, hiking in the hills and lots more adventures.  They are hoping to get the photographs collated and out to everyone soon.

Treacle was beside herself when he came in!  I couldn’t get any pictures as she wouldn’t stay still!!!!!!!!

He got changed when he got in and then put his PJ’s on and went to bed.  He was trying to stay up until bed time but he was just too tired.  They got an earlier ferry which is why they were back early and they did not get any sleep on the coach.  I don’t think we will see him for the rest of the day now.


Here is what I am doing now, along with business work!!!!!!  Yes it all smells like ditch water!!!!! and it is all damp!!!!!!  Fortunately it is a warm day so I can get some of it outside!!!!

Despite the washing I am so glad he is home.  Just need the other one back now.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Susie x 🙂

2 thoughts on “He’s Home!

  1. farmquilter

    Glad Youngest is home safely!! Treacle’s family is slowly coming back together – happy day for her!!!! Youngest is young enough that he’ll snap back from sleep deprivation quickly (it would take me a week!!) and the quiet house you have enjoyed/endured that past week will be filled with the rushing about of the boys 🙂

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