We Shall Remember Them!

Today marks 100 years when Britain entered the Great War and commemorations are taking place around the Country to remember those who lost their lives over the four years.


This is my Grandfather, Frank Knight, who was born on July 18th 1897 and was 17 when War broke out and in this picture he is in his Tank Corp uniform where he fought during the whole of the War.  Our family were lucky and he came home.

During the Second World War he was an ARP Warden, as he was then working in a Reserved Occupation as an engineer in the local munitions factory.


I often think that Eldest looks a lot like his Great Grandfather.

Tonight the country is being asked to switch off all the lights between 10.00pm and 11.00pm and light a candle in Remembrance and we will be doing this.


1914 – 1918

We Will Remember Them

Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    True, their sacrifice should not be forgotten!! Yep, Eldest does look like his Great Grandfather!

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