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The Wednesday Wag


Mom is at her desk as usual and I am confined to barracks as it is tipping it down with rain today and I have lost my new ball!  I just don’t know what to do with myself!


Mom’s busy doing laundry as well and it is laid out where I sit so I just decided to plonk myself down in the middle of it.  Mom thinks I have got the blues and I have, at least it goes along with the towels!!!!!!


I decided to do some surfing on the web as I can’t go out and Mom was shocked, so shocked at the sites I had been looking at!  My favourite one is, go have a look.  I love seeing these naughty cats and dogs especially as I am so good and never do anything like that!!!! 🙂

(Oh you are so good are you!  SO who was it that got a pound of butter off the kitchen worktop and started eating it?  That other Airedale we have?)

It was definitely that other Airedale; Not me, no sir, not me!!!!!

I think I had better get off the computer and get my head down so Mom doesn’t notice me! (Too late Treacle, you can run but you can’t hide!!!)

Woof, Treacle

paw print

Youngest for Masterchef!

DSC03815This is Youngest’s results from Home Economics class yesterday.  They were yummy!!!!!

Yesterday was busy with work and Boys activities but at least the weather had been really nice during the day.  Treacle spent the day outside in the back garden and by the time I got back from collecting Youngest from Scouts she was fast asleep in her basket and not prepared to move for anything or anyone!!!!  All the fresh air during the day had her zoned out.  Being outside all day while I was working in the office, she has managed to lose the football that the Boys gave her at the weekend.  We think she may have managed to send it over the fence into our neighbour’s garden!


Go away Mom I am too tired to pose for the camera!

DH is busy all week at another exhibition in Birmingham, Eldest is busy doing his exams and Youngest is in the middle of end of year tests so all busy here.  I am just plodding along with work and all the other jobs!!!

We did get quite a lot of jobs completed at the weekend and half the garden tidied and it looks great but that meant I got no quilting done (!) Oh well there is always tomorrow (thank you Scarlet for the quote!)

Happy Tuesday

Susie x