Day on Quilt Retreat!


Jayne and I have had a great day on our Quilt Retreat, although I didn’t realise how tiring it is to teach!  Jayne was an excellent pupil and loved making the block and I even got her to quilt it and start the binding, she has taken it home to finish.  We had tea and some of my Birthday cake this morning and we then started on the Log Cabin Block but on scrap pieces from my stash, not the nice material I had bought her for her Birthday.


Here is Jayne working on her block


Starting to quilt the block.

Jayne also said how tired she was after concentrating all day!  She is now going to go home and practice some more on some scrap fabric before cutting the fabric I bought her!  Our next trip will be to my favourite quilt shop!

I just hope Jayne’s husband, Steve, doesn’t know how much this wonderful hobby of ours is going to take over the house and finances!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Quilty Weekend.  I am going to be busy cutting the Picnic quilt out and trying to finish the four other quilt tops sitting on the side!  The Boys and DH are having a “Boys” Weekend away but more on that next week.

Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    It is exhausting to teach!!! I found that I was constantly forcing myself to not take over and just do it for my daughters when I was teaching them to sew! I figured out that I needed to have something going as well, so I could help them a wee bit then walk away!!! It is truly amazing how quilting does take over everything!!!

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