A Lovely Birthday!


I had a lovely Birthday, despite the 50!!!!  I want to thank everyone who sent me lovely emails, especially the ones who agreed with my view of that big number, they made me laugh.

This is the cake which Girlfriend made me, isn’t it wonderful!  Despite doing French at Uni I think she will be going into the cake making industry, it tastes as good as it looks.

DSC03832 DSC03833

On Friday evening we all went out to dinner at Mans Chinese Restaurant in Nottingham.  We have all been before and the food is great.  Saturday morning I was woken to be told that I had half an hour to shower and wash my hair as my hairdresser, Rachael, was coming to the house to do my hair!  


I was then told to pack as we were going down to London for the evening for dinner and to see The English National Ballet Company perform Romeo & Juliet In The Round at The Royal Albert Hall.


It is a wonderful venue and the performance was amazing, I had a great evening.  We stayed at The Royal Garden Hotel.  DH has stayed here in the past for business and it is a lovely hotel and just next door to Kensington Palace.  We had travelled down by train with no delays amazingly!


It was a lovely Birthday and with love and thanks to DH, Eldest and Youngest for making it a Birthday to remember.

Hugs, Susie x

4 thoughts on “A Lovely Birthday!

  1. farmquilter

    Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!! That cake is amazing – think you are right about your friend!! Glad your special day was as special as you!!

  2. Judy

    Wow! That sounds like an amazing birthday and Girlfriend is very talented the cake is beautiful.

  3. Mitch and Molly

    What an awesome birthday you had! If you wouldn’t have told us that was a cake we would have never guessed. It’s just beautiful! Did you feel guilty cutting into it?! haha

  4. Deonn

    Wow, best quilty cake ever! I was also surprised that it was a cake!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, and by the way 50 is not so bad! I hear it’s the new 30, lol!

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