I Get To Be A Test Subject!

Mary has the Schedule for our PICNIC hop...

For any of you who follow my Blog or other Quilty Blogs you will know of the wonderful Madame Samm who comes up with great ideas for Quilty Blog Hops.  I have participated in quite a few and love doing them and of course visiting all the other ladies taking part.

Over the last few months it has been really busy with us and so I have not felt able to take part, but I have, when they have been on, visited the various hops.  The last one before the summer by Madame Samm and Mary from I Piece 2 Mary was the above “A Perfect Picnic Blog Hop“.  I duly Hopped over to all the ladies taking part and not only did they have to create a picnic quilt but go on the actual picnic and take pictures and tell us about where they went!  Each day was fascinating to see all the wonderful quilts and the various places the ladies had chosen to have their picnics. 
One of my favourite cartoons when I was little was Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and their Pic-a-nic baskets!

Of course I wanted to make every one of the quilts I saw, but one in particular I was really envious of was Amy’s at Sew Incredibly Crazy (http://sewincrediblycrazy.blogspot.co.uk/).  In my comment on Amy’s post I asked if she was going to do a Tutorial for it, as I would love to make it if she did.  Anyhoo she contacted me after the Hop and asked whether I would be a Test Quilter as she was going to do her Picnic Quilt as a pattern and wanted people to try it out!  I was so pleased, as no one has asked me to do this before but I did say that I haven’t been quilting for too long and wanted to do justice to her quilt. 

Silly person that she is said that she didn’t mind at all and would I still like to do it.  Would I?  Yes Please!!!!!!!  So she has sent me the pattern and I am going to start next week getting it prepared and hopefully done quickly so Amy will be able to see if her pattern worked (keep you fingers crossed that I won’t make any huge mistakes!!!!)

This is Amy’s Picnic Quilt – Isn’t it great?  Amy did say that I didn’t have to use the same fabrics, which is a good thing as we can’t always get the same fabrics over here in the UK, it just depends if my local Quilt Shop is carrying any of the Riley Blake fabrics.  So I will be looking through my stash this weekend and doing some planning. 

I will try and post at each stage to show you how I am getting on.  Also a Big Thank You to Amy for trusting me with her first pattern!!!!! I hope I do you proud.

I hope your Thursday has been a lovely sunny summers day.  It hasn’t been too bad here, its warm but not as sunny.  Treacle is feeling a lot better today and almost back to her usual bouncy self.  I, however, feel like a wet dish rag!!!! I have had quite a few late nights trying to catch up on work, ironing, house jobs!  Tonight I am determined to be in bed early with my book and a lovely cup of tea.

Hugs, Susie x


3 thoughts on “I Get To Be A Test Subject!

  1. farmquilter

    What fun, Susie!!! I have tested a pattern for a designer before…it turned into my daughter’s wedding quilt!!! So very much fun and I love the quilt it made. Have a blast with your picnic quilt – that was a fun hop, wasn’t it? Glad Treacle is on the mend and hope you get back into tip-top shape right quick!!!

  2. Mitch and Molly

    We love the picnic quilt and we can’t wait to see your progress, Miss Susie, and it’s great to hear that you’re feeling better, Treacle ☺

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

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