Monday Again?!!!!!

This is what my desk has looked like over the past week!  It has been crazy busy here and then I said I would help a friend, who also works from home, to move from her home office to a proper officer with a door!!!!  She is a solicitor and has a lot of files which need archiving rather than moving them to the new office, but there is also a lot of paperwork too!!!!!  I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with her last week and Monday and Friday trying to catch up on my work!!!!  I have got to do the same this week, but hopefully clear it by then.

  DSC03808 DSC03809

A couple of weeks ago Eldest took his car up to Preston for a VW Show and his car was in it (the silver one in the left hand picture) DH and Youngest also went up too and had a great day walking round, although it was cold!


We have also had a lot of rain and storms over the last week and the rain was coming down so fast that it was bouncing back off the patio!  Here is Treacle having been out last thing and got soaked.  She is going to apply for the job of Mary in the Christmas Nativity this year!  

DSC03821 DSC03822

A sunnier picture of the garden and my nice new patio and steps!  They look new don’t they but this is the result of Eldest and the pressure washer he bought for Dad, which I think Dad has used twice!!!!!  However he did a brilliant job on the patio and it really does look like new. 

A Tour Round Our Garden

This is what it looked like before!

We are gearing up in the village for the Carnival Week which begins on Sunday June 29th and swimming is really busy too.  I had just finished my work the other day and had done all the house jobs and grocery shopping and decided I needed a long overdue cup of tea!  It was a really sunny summer’s day and so I took my drink out to our bench just outside our back door into the garden.  It was really quiet out there, no traffic noise, no children noise just the birds singing and it was bliss.  This is what the sky looked like

DSC03819 DSC03820

It restored me just looking at that!

DSC03824 DSC03825

Treacle was on patrol of course!

Tonight is Quilt Club, which I have not been to in ages due to conflicting events with The Boys, tonight would have been the same as DH and Eldest were due to go to a meeting for Carnival and then Youngest piped up he wanted to do the 5K run in the next village, whose Carnival is this week!  But DH has said he can miss the meeting and take Youngest and stay there so I can go to Quilt Club! Although I have not finished anything for show and tell!!! Love you DH!

He had a great day yesterday for Father’s Day!  Eldest got him a couple DVD’s of films we missed at the cinema; “Last Vegas”- really funny and The “Monuments Men” which we haven’t watched yet.  Youngest got him a Toblerone, his favourite chocolate.  We didn’t get up too early and had a lazy day really and I cooked his favourite Sunday dinner in the evening, Roast Beef and all the trimmings.

We are really enjoying the warmer weather over the last couple of weeks, even if we have had some cracking thunder storms.  Today is cooler and not as sunny but still warm.


Treacle is in lazy mode today!  She was sick yesterday for no good reason but it hasn’t stopped her!  She is quite happy at this minute on her back with all four feet in the air snoring!!!!

I hope you all have a good week and I will get back to posting every day.  I do miss it.  I love all your lovely comments and connecting with everyone.  Have a Marvelous Monday.

Susie x

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