The Wednesday Wag


Mom is at her desk as usual and I am confined to barracks as it is tipping it down with rain today and I have lost my new ball!  I just don’t know what to do with myself!


Mom’s busy doing laundry as well and it is laid out where I sit so I just decided to plonk myself down in the middle of it.  Mom thinks I have got the blues and I have, at least it goes along with the towels!!!!!!


I decided to do some surfing on the web as I can’t go out and Mom was shocked, so shocked at the sites I had been looking at!  My favourite one is, go have a look.  I love seeing these naughty cats and dogs especially as I am so good and never do anything like that!!!! 🙂

(Oh you are so good are you!  SO who was it that got a pound of butter off the kitchen worktop and started eating it?  That other Airedale we have?)

It was definitely that other Airedale; Not me, no sir, not me!!!!!

I think I had better get off the computer and get my head down so Mom doesn’t notice me! (Too late Treacle, you can run but you can’t hide!!!)

Woof, Treacle

paw print

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag

  1. farmquilter

    LOL at my house you would not have gotten blamed for the butter – my youngest would have!! Hope you get some sunshine soon and that your neighbor returns your new ball!

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