Quilting Post!


I got all my jobs done yesterday, even with a lack of motivation!!!!!  So I have unpacked the quilts I had finished on holiday and this is as far as they got, my desk and machine!!!!!


I still have some work to do on the purple pieces, they need to be sewn into the quilt top but it won’t take long to do.  


This is the pile of fabric left over from the tops which I will need for the bindings and backings.


I also had a tidy up of my desk and have now relocated some of my boxes with sewing things in.  It really looks tidy at the moment but I am sure it won’t in a few weeks after some mad sewing sessions!


I have also moved my quilted elephant up to my desk now and she is peeping out from behind the picture of DH’s Aunt and Uncle.

The weekend is supposed to be not too bad weather wise so we may get a few jobs done in the garden and I hopefully can sneak away to do some quilting too. Hopefully DH won’t notice if I leave him in the garden and start sewing!!!!!

We actually have no swimming competition this weekend, only normal training, Amazing!!!!

Hopefully whatever you are doing over the weekend is fun and the weather is kind if you are outside.  Have a great time.

Hugs, Susie x


This looks says : “Now are you sure you are going to be sat at your desk for a while, so I can have a nice long snooze?”

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