Wednesday Again?!


Today is supposed to be Wednesday Wag but Treacle has absconded into the garden to enjoy the lovely warm weather we are having at the moment, although thunder storms are forecast for tomorrow!!!!  It always happens here, we get a few nice warm days and then storms!!!!!

The warm weather has made our garden bloom and many of the flowers are now out and the bees are having a wonderful time.


This is my variegated Weigela and since the weekend it has just become a mass of pink flowers.

DSC03798 DSC03799

And this is my Rhododendron and it has never had this many flowers on before, oh the sunshine is lovely.

You know how sometimes all the balls you are juggling come down at once, well that has happened to me the last few weeks.  Work has been crazy, all the Boys activities have been busy, all the things that DH and I help out with are busy, having to deal with things for the Boys with school and college crazy.  The upshot of all this is I am so tired and decided to let the balls fall where they will, I don’t care!!!!!

DH is away this week on an exhibition in London which is also why it is busy.  Don’t tell him but Treacle has been sleeping in his place whilst he has been away, but oh boy is she a shuffle bottom!  It didn’t help that it has been warm at night but I do sleep better with her in the room.


I don’t know if you can see but that is Treacle right at the top of the garden, refusing to come in!  Since it has been warm I have just about washed every bit of cloth in the house, clothes, curtains, rugs and cushion covers!!!!!  Of course that meant lots of ironing and then my iron blew up!  I have now learnt and keep a spare in the garage, so I could finish the basket and then order a new one (see what I mean about balls in the air?!!!!!)  

Tomorrow is house job day and get my work, work finished and then Friday I may sneak a day to get my quilting out.  I haven’t touched it since we got back from holiday four weeks ago and I am determined to get some things finished.

Youngest is off school next week for half term and Monday is a national holiday so DH and I are hoping to get some work done in the garden and finish off the last few jobs of Spring Cleaning and then it will be done for another year!

I hope you are having a better Wednesday and I will make sure that Treacle is here for Wednesday Wag next week, or else I will sack her!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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