It’s Friday Yeah!


Here is Treacle showing off her new haircut, doesn’t she look smart?  We have a smaller dog now, after all the hair has been cut off!!!!!


Side View!


Still a fluffy face though!

I think she feels better now, although the weather over the last few days has been cold again, which always happens when Treacle is cut!!!!

Eldest has been busy with filming again in York, although yesterday he was “wounded” and spent the day in bed!!!!  Which was a good thing as he and DH had got up at 3.00am and left at 4.00am!  Although I was not up, I was awake.  This morning they had a lie in and got up at 4.30am!!!!!!  It has been a busy day again and he thinks that today will be the last day for him for filming. I, needless to say, am shattered.

Youngest is glad to be home as he is getting tired towards the end of term and he had a big exam this afternoon so he is glad to have finished for the week.


We are going here for the Easter break, near Inverness, and can’t wait even though DH has a couple of business meetings to go to whilst we are up there and Eldest, Girlfriend and Youngest have revision to do but we will still be away.  I am taking my quilting things and machine, that is if I can find anywhere to set up my machine with everyone else carving out a space for revision and work!!!!!!  I may be in the garage.  

This weekend is a sort out weekend and get things organised before next week but we are not going anywhere which is really great.  I even may get some quilting done at the weekend.  One can hope.

Have a Fantastic Friday and great weekend.

Susie x

3 thoughts on “It’s Friday Yeah!

  1. RedSetter

    Love the new ‘do’ Treacle and hope your Mum and family enjoy the break. Make sure you tell them to bring you a woolly-pully as it had been miserably cold in the central belt and I bet even colder further up.

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